• Coastal Cruiser Sailing Membership

    If you want to make a sailboat a part of your new lifestyle, but need the skills to get there, then this plan is right for you.  It allows you get the training need to take any of our catamarans, sailboats and power boats out of any of our Florida, Bahamas, Cuba or Carribean Yacht Bases. Cruise down the coast, explore Florida bays, head to the Caribbean, go for the day, a long weekend, or even a week. Our catamarans and sailboats are ready to go when you are - all you need to do is call! 

    To become a member of the Club you will be responsible for a new member fee at the time of joining:

    Monthly dues for your Membership are $79 or $94 for a couple.

    Single Membership

    $6,000 One Time


    $2,400 Down and

    $360 for

    11 Months

    Couples Membership

    $9,500 One Time


    $3,800 Down and

    $570 for

    11 Months

    *Want to join as a family? Well you can just call for new membership fee pricing

    All Memberships include the following benefits:

    • 40% discount on sailboats and power boat charters – this benefit alone can offset the new membership fee in just one day on the water.
    • 25% discount on all classes, events, and seminars that are not included with the membership you choose.
    • Active cruising and social calendar – weeknight sails, CharterSocials, seminars, clinics, cruises to Bahamas, Cuba, flotilla-style bareboat vacations in exotic destinations worldwide and more.
    • Reciprocal charter privileges – including discounts – with other power boat clubs.
    • Yacht club membership and reciprocal membership privileges.
    • Vacation charter discounts – save hundreds of dollars by booking your vacation through the Mariner Club Vacation Desk.
    • Bi-weekly newsletter to keep you up to date with all that’s going on at the Mariner Club.
    • Allows extended sailing areas at each base including overnights, base to base drop-offs, and international destinations such as Cuba and the Bahamas.

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