As a member of the Mariner Club there are some rules you will need to follow:

MCM understands, their membership agreement is subject to the following rules, regulations, policies, and procedures established by the Florida Yacht Group (FYG), which is also the Charter Company (CC):

  1. Prior to each use, a Standard Bareboat Yacht Charter Agreement must be executed to comply with insurance and USCG requirements.  
  2. MCM is considered the bareboat charterer of the vessel in regard to Maritime law.
  3. MCM may use a yacht in another FYG location subject to availability at no additional charge.
  4. MCM must refuel, fill water tanks, wash and clean vessels after each use including removal of trash or pay a fee to CC.
  5. MCM must be deemed qualified to operate the vessel at the sole discretion of FYG or pay for a licensed captain to skipper the vessel.
  6. MCM are entitled to a 40% discount on yacht charter rates at all FYG locations and reciprocal clubs.
  7. MCM are entitled to a 25% discount on all sailing lessons at all FYG locations and reciprocal clubs.
  8. MCM initiation fees are non refundable but are transferable under certain conditions.
  9. There are no Blackout Dates but reservations can only be made 7 days in advance.
  10. Single day is from 9am to 5pm.  Two continuous days would run from 9am on the 1st day to 5 pm on the 2nd day, etc.  Additional multiple days are similar.
  11. For a small daily damage insurance fee, MCM can limit their normal damage liability to $2,000/engine.  Exceptions to this are for gross negligence and trips to Cuba where liability limit may be higher.
  12. Sales Tax, Daily Insurance, & Fuel Cost are paid at time of usage.
  13. MCM must be present on Vessel at all times it is in use.  
  14. MCM may book one reservation at a time up to 7 days in advance.
  15. MCM late cancellation fee is 25% of charter fee if canceled within 24 hours of start time.  Otherwise no charge.
  16. Dinghies and Bedding available at additional cost with advance reservations.
  17. No rate adjustment for equipment malfunction/failure.
  18. Rates subject to change at any time without advance notice.
  19. Prior to each use, for safety reasons, MCM must file a float plan detailing where you are going, who is on board, and when you will return.  Plan should be filed with a friend or relative staying home with a copy to CC.
  20. For insurance and safety reasons, the legal names and email addresses of all individuals onboard need to be included on the float plan in case they must be contacted.

These rules, regulations, policies, and procedures may be changed by FYG and the CC at anytime without notice at the sole discretion of FYG and the CC.  MCM is responsible to check the website immediately before each charter to review the latest update.